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The Patient Experience

Our broad range of physicians and specialists collaborate seamlessly to ensure that each individual patient and their unique circumstances are treated with the highest quality of advanced care available.

1.  Initial Consultation

Before the initial consultation, the patient prepares a variety of medical information for their care consultant's review. During the consultation, the care consultant discusses the patient's concerns and may describe some therapies that could be recommended to the patient by a specialist during their next consultation. 

Our Approach

Our practice is centered on the belief that lasting wellness happens in both the body and the mind, and that sustainable behavioral health strategies play a key role in achieving these outcomes. 

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An Integrative Approach

Our advanced approach combines a range of Pain Management, Interventional Treatments, Regenerative Medicine, and Integrative Wellness Therapies to have you feeling your absolute best. 









2.  Specialist Treatment Plan

A physician or specialist meets with the patient to discuss their unique treatment plan options. At this time, the patient is able to ask a variety of questions about the procedures, preparation and recovery, and any other concerns they might have. After this consultation, the procedures are scheduled. The patient may speak with a care representative prior to their procedure any time should they have any additional questions.    


4.  Aftercare

After the procedure, the patient will be sent home with comprehensive aftercare instructions. Within a few days, a dedicated member of the patient care team will follow up with the patient and will be available to address any questions the patient may have as they arise. The MRHS team is committed to ensuring a quick and comfortable recovery for every patient. 


3.  Procedure(s)

On the day of a procedure, the patient will arrive having followed the instructions provided by their care consultant. Patients can rest assured knowing that MRHS physicians and specialists are some of the best in the world and that they will be handled with the utmost care, under the highest global standards, from beginning to end.


Book a Consultation

Speak with a Patient Care Consultant online, by phone, or in person at one of our convenient locations, and learn about how you can start your restorative health journey today. 

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