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Get back to life with
TMS Therapy

Gain freedom from depression.  It's time to see a brighter future. TMS Therapy is a powerful tool in the battle against depression and general anxiety disorder.

What is TMS Therapy?

It's a safe, non-invasive, FDA-approved therapy modality proven to help treat depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, and more.  TMS is a technique that uses brief, powerful, pain-free magnetic pulses to stimulate specific neurons in the brain. This can improve the brain's ability to regulate mood. TMS therapy can be a stand-alone or used alongside your existing medication. Many of our patients have tried multiple treatment methods before finding success with MRHS TMS therapy.

The Benefits of TMS Therapy

✓ FDA cleared

✓ Non-drug

✓ Non-invasive

✓ No side effects of drugs

✓ No ECT

✓ Long Lasting Relief

✓ Covered by Insurance

✓ Proven to Work 60-95% effective 


What Our Patients Say

Patients who receive TMS therapy often find relief from their symptoms within a week. Patients typically enjoy TMS treatment and their ability to relax in a comfortable reclining chair within a calming, relaxing, therapeutic environment.

About three years ago, my psychiatrist recommended TMS therapy. Now I find myself doing things that are good for me without even thinking about it. I see my doctor about health issues, and before TMS I wouldn’t care enough about myself to do that.

-Racheal S.

Before I began TMS therapy, there wasn’t a time I didn’t feel bad. I didn’t do anything—I was constantly in the house. I didn’t even have a rollercoaster of emotions; for me it was just a flatline with a dip sometimes. After TMS treatments, I am noticing I have more energy, I am laughing more and I’m not as withdrawn.

-Ben M.

Before TMS therapy, I was moody, mercurial, sad and crying most of the day. I am seeing brighter colors. I have patience with strangers. I can complete large, complicated tasks once again.

-Tricia P.

Covered by Insurance.
We handle the paperwork so you can focus on you.


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Speak with a Patient Care Consultant online, by phone, or in person at one of our convenient locations, and learn about how you can start your restorative health journey today. 

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